#RunChat weekly sponsor

PRO Compression is BACK

This week's #RunChat -- 8 p.m. ET Sunday, May 14 -- welcomes our longtime sponsor PRO Compression! 

We'll have a few giveaways of their compression socks this week, so check this post often. The first is to simply REPLY to the tweet below and answer at least one question in Sunday's #RunChat to be entered.

One person who responds to the above tweet will win their choice of a pair of PRO Compression socks. Only one reply per Twitter user is eligible to win. 

The second way to enter to win is to reply to the tweet below, answering whether you prefer compression socks or compression calf sleeves. One winner will be chosen at random. 

All winners will be selected at random and announced in the final 5 minutes of #RunChat. Favoriting and liking of Tweets do not increase your chances of winning. 

The final way to enter to win is to simply join #RunChat at 8 p.m. ET Sunday. Two additional winners who participate in the chat are eligible to win a pair of socks. 

You can also show your #RunChat support on your next PRO Compression purchase when you use CHAT2 at procompression.com. You'll get 40% off plus free shipping on any order order $20. 

Race 13.1 returns to #RunChat

This week's #RunChat -- 10 p.m. ET Sunday, May 7 -- welcomes back the Race 13.1 series!

This week we'll be giving away two entries for a half marathon at the series stops for either Roanoke, Virginia, or Nashville, Tennessee! (Read below for details of each race!)

Two enter, simply retweet and/or like the tweet below by 9:55 p.m. ET Sunday! You can enter twice -- once for a retweet and once for a like. 

Retweets and likes are due by 9:55 p.m. ET on Sunday! Two winners will be selected at random and announced in the final few minutes of #RunChat. Each winner can choose either the Roanoke or Nashville race. 

From the Race 13.1 website: 

ROANOKE ON JUNE 17: Situated in the Roanoke Valley to the west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Roanoke is known as the "Star City of the South" and features the prominent Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain. The Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and a wine making region are nearby contributing to the city being been named one of the best outdoor towns on the East Coast. The numerous attractions for visitors of all ages and interests will make for a great weekend before and after the race!   

NASHVILLE ON SEPT. 12: The race will start and finish at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, which gives visitors a taste of Tennessee’s history, natural wonders and serves as a lasting monument to Tennessee’s Bicentennial Celebration, which was June 1, 1996. The mostly flat course will take runners on a route that will feature the historic Sulphur Dell area of downtown as well as the Nashville Farmer's Market, the new Nashville Sounds ballpark, the picturesque Cumberland River Greenway, and Baptist Sports Park, which serves as the headquarters for the Tennessee Titans.

Each winner will have their race entry covered. Any travel expenses are your responsibility. 


Welcome Skratch Labs to #RunChat

This week's #RunChat -- 10 p.m. ET April 16 (the day before the Boston Marathon!) -- welcomes a new sponsor with Skratch Labs.

"We're a functional food and beverage company that helps people be better. We're not satisfied with what's available to athletes and we're on a mission to create alternatives. Alternatives with better taste that improve performance and ingredients that serve a functional role for athletes. All of our products use real food ingredients. Nothing extra. Nothing artificial," the company says on its website.

Skratch Labs has a variety of hydration and nutrition related products that many runners will find useful.

As part of this week's #RunChat, we'll have a few giveaways with Skratch Labs, along with questions that tackle the mental side of running.

The giveaways will include: 

  • Skratch Labs branded Nalgene
  • Skratch Labs Stickers
  • Skratch Labs T-Shirt 
  • 5 single serving Exercise Hydration Mix (variety of flavors)
  • 1 single serving of Chocolate Endurance Recovery Mix 
  • Fruit Drops Energy Chews (Orange) 
  • Total Retail Value for 1 giveaway: $50

Check back soon for more details, and be sure to give Skratch Labs a follow on Twitter!