Skratch Labs

Welcome Skratch Labs to #RunChat

This week's #RunChat -- 10 p.m. ET April 16 (the day before the Boston Marathon!) -- welcomes a new sponsor with Skratch Labs.

"We're a functional food and beverage company that helps people be better. We're not satisfied with what's available to athletes and we're on a mission to create alternatives. Alternatives with better taste that improve performance and ingredients that serve a functional role for athletes. All of our products use real food ingredients. Nothing extra. Nothing artificial," the company says on its website.

Skratch Labs has a variety of hydration and nutrition related products that many runners will find useful.

As part of this week's #RunChat, we'll have a few giveaways with Skratch Labs, along with questions that tackle the mental side of running.

The giveaways will include: 

  • Skratch Labs branded Nalgene
  • Skratch Labs Stickers
  • Skratch Labs T-Shirt 
  • 5 single serving Exercise Hydration Mix (variety of flavors)
  • 1 single serving of Chocolate Endurance Recovery Mix 
  • Fruit Drops Energy Chews (Orange) 
  • Total Retail Value for 1 giveaway: $50

Check back soon for more details, and be sure to give Skratch Labs a follow on Twitter!