#RunChat sponsor AfterShokz blasts off with new headphones

It’s time to redefine your possible with the new Aeropex headphones by AfterShokz!


AfterShokz open-ear headphones use bone conduction technology, allowing runners to gain motivation from audio, such as, music and podcasts, and still hear their surroundings.

AfterShokz has redefined their possible by taking their technology to the next level with re-engineered bone conduction technology and improved audio quality, waterproof capabilities, a longer battery life (8 hours!), and a lighter feel.

As part of this week’s #RunChat - 8 p.m. ET Sunday, July 28 - you can get $50 off AfterShokz’ Aeropex Endurance Bundle with code “RUNCHAT” here

And we have an amazing giveaway this week in which you AND a Twitter friend can come away winners.

You could win the new Aeropex headphones and a friend of yours can win the Air with just a couple of tweets!

Here’s how to enter in one tweet: tag a Twitter friend, tag @AfterShokz, include a link to this post and use the #runchat tag.

It could say, for example:

Hey @______, I want us to win @AfterShokz headphones thanks to #RunChat bit.ly/July28RunChat

You, the original tweeter, will be eligible to win the new Aeropex headphones. Your friend will be entered to win a pair of Air. To be fully eligible, you must also answer at least one question during Sunday’s #RunChat. (Your friend doesn’t have to be at #RunChat.)

Entries are due by 7:55 p.m. ET Sunday, July 28. Enter once per Twitter name. Retweets and liking of tweets do not increase your chances of winning.

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