Scavenger Hunt

#RunChatHunt Week 3: a couple of classics

The third and final week of a revamped #RunChatHunt is here with a couple of our classic Scavenger Hunt items and one that's left up for you to figure out how to find. 

This week's prizes are tied our next #RunChat sponsor - our longtime friends with PRO Compression

The items to find are: 

  1. Something out of season (like an old Halloween or Christmas decoration)
  2. A sunrise or sunset
  3. Something that embodies what you love about running (open for interpretation) 
runchathunt - june-week3.jpg

For the third item, have as much fun as you'd like it. Is it your shoes? Something on your favorite route? A friend that you like to run with often? As long as it has something to do with what you love about running, it counts as an entry. 

Each item counts as a separate entry, so you can enter up to three times. Please note that a photo with all three in one counts as only one entry. Items can be posted on other social media platforms, but it must show up on Twitter with the #RunChatHunt tag. 

Up for grabs this week are a pair of PRO Compression socks! We'll have three pairs up for grabs for three people who enter to win!

Photos must be posted by 9 p.m. ET Sunday, June 17! 

The winners will be selected at random and announced toward the end of the next #RunChat, which kicks off at 10 p.m. ET June 17. Everyone is eligible to win, but residents outside the U.S. have to pay for shipping. 

#RunChatHunt returns with a twist

Our bi-annual Scavenger Hunt - better known as #RunChatHunt - returns this week with a huge twist!

Instead of a long list of items to find over the course of a month, we're giving you the challenge of finding three items over about a week coupled with prizes from that week's sponsor. 

And we're really excited to kick this off with our returning sponsor JackRabbit! 

JackRabbit, which first joined the #RunChat community in December, is a fitness retailer brand that offers products and experiences with running at the core, as well as other products related to recovery, yoga, cross training, cycling, swimming and more. 

As part of this week's #RunChat, you can get 15% off your purchase at with code RUNCHAT15.

AND as part of #RunChatHunt, you're eligible to win one a pair of Goodr sunglasses and a pair of Brooks Running shoes by simply finding the items below while you're on a run and tweeting a photo with the hashtag #RunChatHunt by 9 p.m. ET Sunday, June 3. 

Those items to find are: 

runchathunt - june 3.jpg
  • Weird/different/non-traditional sign (no stop, yield or speed limit signs ... in other words, just be creative!) 
  • Wildlife (or by demand... insects! No cats or dogs, please) 
  • Body of water (lake/river/even a pool can count!) 

Each item counts as a separate entry, so you can enter up to three times. Please note that a photo with all three in one counts as only one entry. Items can be posted on other social media platforms, but it must show up on Twitter with the #RunChatHunt tag. 

As with previous #RunChatHunt events, be creative. Can't find wildlife? We're fine with what you interpret as wild. Or even a statue of an animal is fine if you're having trouble or just don't like animals. 

These prizes are eligible for US residents only, but we invite everyone to join in just having fun! Winners are chosen at random and will be announced at the end of Sunday's #RunChat. 

And after you're done with #RunChatHunt, join us for #RunChat at 10 p.m. ET Sunday, June 3 where we'll announce winners AND a winner of a $75 gift card to that you can use for any of your running items! Click here to enter!

The #RunChatHunt winners are ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The most recent #RunChatHunt sponsored by the new Altra Duo was awesome! Be sure to search the #RunChatHunt tag on Twitter for all the highlights! 

New this year we're showing you the tweets that were drawn at random for all the prizes. If you are a winner, we will be tagging you this week from @therunchat account -- please wait for that tweet to send us a DM with your email address.

Congrats to all the winners! 



PRO Compression socks
SaltStick Fastchews

Run Lites SLING
SPI Belt

Blue Ridge Marathon swag
Bag of Nuun Performance

CamelBak Dart

CamelBak Dart

PRO Compression socks
SPI Belt

Run Lites POLAR Fleece
Bag of Nuun Performance

Year of RockMyRun prize
SPI Belt

CamelBak Dart

Free entry to any distance race at The North Face Endurance Challenge Massachusetts on June 9-10, 2018.

RunLites Get Lit T-shirt
Race 13.1 entry to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, or City of Oaks

PRO Compression socks*
Rock My Run T-Shirt

June 2017 #RunChatHunt, sponsored by Road ID


The bi-annual #RunChatHunt is back with some old favorites and several new items for you to find in June!

This version of #RunChatHunt is sponsored by Road ID and will work just like all the other scavenger hunts: we have a list of 10 items for you to find while you're out on a run, you take photos of those items, and tweet a photo of each item to be entered to win lots of great prizes. 

A few rules and guidelines to follow:

  • each photo is worth one entry for up to 10 entries
  • each tweet must include the #RunChatHunt tag
  • posting to Instagram is fine; just make sure the pic is posted to Twitter
  • prizes will be drawn at random. Some prizes will be limited to US only, but #RunChatHunt is open for all to participate to have fun
  • retweets/liking of tweets do not increase chances of winning
  • #RunChatHunt is open as of this post being live and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET July 2, 2017. (THIS IS A CHANGE!!!)
  • HAVE FUN. Don't take things so literal, especially if you're struggling to find an item. In other words, get creative with your entries.

The items that you voted on for June's #RunChatHunt are: 

  1. Sports stadium/local field
  2. Garage/yard sale
  3. Sunrise or sunset
  4. Bridge
  5. Animal on a trail
  6. Speed limit sign
  7. Public art/sculpture
  8. Local diner/restaurant
  9. Playground
  10. Body of water

By posting a photo and using the #RunChatHunt, you're also giving us the OK to post these photos to any #RunChat social accounts. We'll give you photo credit, of course. 

Have a question about #RunChatHunt? Ask @therunchat on Twitter and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


  • 1 GRAND PRIZE winner: $35 gift card to use on Road ID, a Road ID race hat and a Road ID short sleeve tech tee
  • 1 winner of a Road ID race hat
  • 1 winner of a Road ID short sleeve tech tee

Additional #RunChatHunt prizes:

  • RockMyRun: two one-year annual memberships
  • Blue Ridge Marathon: two race entries (for half or full marathon)
  • PRO Compression: three pairs of marathon compression socks (US shipping only)
  • Race 13.1 series: 1 entry to City of Oaks Marathon (11/5/17), 1 entry to Race 13.1 Baltimore (12/2/17), 1 entry to Myrtle Beach Marathon (3/3/18)

Vote for June 2017 #RunChatHunt items

#RunChatHunt sponsored by Road ID is coming in June! Thanks to everyone who submitted items earlier this month. 

Now it's time to VOTE on items you want to find. This list has a LOT of new items, including some old favorites. 

Please vote only ONCE per Twitter handle. This year we're letting you select up to 10 items you'd like to find. The top 10 items will make the final cut. (And yes, we mistakenly put garage/yard sale on the list twice -- if you want to see that, vote for it only once.)

Voting ends Monday evening. #RunChatHunt will kick off June 1 and continue all month long with lots of great prizes!

Nominations for June 2017 #RunChatHunt


#RunChatHunt is coming BACK in June, thanks to sponsor Road ID! If you're new to our Scavenger Hunt, here's how it works: 

  • You nominate items to find in our virtual scavenger hunt
  • We'll sort through those items and then provide you with a list of items to vote on to find
  • The top 10 items are then posted for you to find -- you go out and take photos of those items and post to Twitter during the month of June
  • Each photo will be entered to win some awesome prizes, which will be revealed later. 

The first step it to nominate items to find. Simply fill out the information below by the end of the day Tuesday, May 23, and then watch for a voting period to open up later in the week!