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dailymile-logoDailyMile — one of the¬†leading sites to share workouts and encourage others — now offers personal 1-on-1 coaching.¬†And, for a limited time, you can be among the first people to join their new coaching site and get 15% off your first month.

Click here to get started! The site should register your coupon, but if it doesn’t, enter the code RUNCHAT to get your discount.

DailyMile’s lead developer Ben Weiner provided us with 3 reasons to check out DailyMile’s coaching:

  • Prevent injuries: A coach can help prevent injuries. They’ll make sure you’re not overdoing it, and get you to the start line healthy.
  • Expert advice: Have a question about your training or nutrition? Have instant access to our experienced coaches.
  • Don’t sweat your schedule: No longer worry about scheduling your runs. Your coach will ensure you’re doing the right runs at the right time.

dailymile-coachAlso, check out first-hand what others are saying about DailyMile’s coaches:

Just want to give a big shout-out to my coach. With her great coaching I reached a huge milestone today: I PR’d a 5k by about 45 seconds off my previous best time. She’s doing an awesome job and she deserves a great big “attagirl”! – Lisa H.

I signed up for coaching during the one week trial thinking I’d check it out for the week. Immediately I connected with my coach and realized she understood my goals and was ready to help me achieve them. That one week trial ended up becoming a multi-month relationship that I couldn’t be happier about. As a team we discussed my race plans for the year and she helped me achieve those goals. During coaching I realized that I am stronger than I believed when coach scheduled workouts I wouldn’t have done on my own and I knocked them out. Each run took on additional meaning when I knew she’d see my progress and would be proud of even a good ol’ slow and easy long run. I ended up knocking out my first race, and two weeks later what I’d planned to be a chill Chicago marathon became a new PR. As the people around me were fading, I was getting stronger. Negative splits with a smile! At every 5k checkpoint I thought, “this ones for you coach.” If you want to improve your running and expand your potential I can’t recommend coaching enough. – Raul E.

THANK YOU for asking me about my coach. She is amazing! She is professional, reliable, encouraging, motivating, and indispensable. Her weekly training plans keep me focused and her “can do” attitude keeps me going. When I tell you that I could not be doing this without her, I am not exaggerating. She keeps me on task … pushes me when I need it and pulls me through when I need help. I only wish that I had found her several years ago when my running “plan” had no direction or focus. Again, thank you for asking and thank you to my favorite running coach! – Jane M.

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