• Welcome Icespike to #RunChat

    IcespikeThis week’s #RunChat details:
    Date: Sunday, Jan. 24
    Time: 8 p.m. ET (CLICK HERE for your time zone)
    Sponsor: Icespike

    For the fourth straight week, #RunChat welcomes a new sponsor — Icespike. Icespike is a system of 32 spikes and an installation tool that is used to apply the spikes directly to the sole of a shoe or boot, making it easier to run on ice or trails.

    Keith Michalak of Icespike did a Q&A this week so you could get to know more about them:

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    In Twitter-style, 140 characters or less, what is Icespike?
    Icespike is a Traction system that frees the wearer of any straps-chains-coils & gives you that Natural Foot to ground feel on any terrain

    In your own words, what is Icespike?
    Icespike is a traction system of 32 spikes and an installation tool that is used to apply the spikes directly to the sole of a shoe or boot. The ice spikes are specifically engineered of cold-rolled, tool quality steel to maintain hardness and integrity of grip 10 times longer than any other system of ice cleats or snow cleats.

    The unique patented design of the spikes provides unsurpassed surface penetration and stability, and the spikes are self-cleaning. The locking design of the screw keeps them firmly in place, yet the fine thread allows removal with no visible trace.

    Installing Icespike on your new or gently worn favorite rubber-soled footwear creates non-slip shoes and non-slip boots. There is no better ice traction device than the Original Icespike – it is equally effective on ice, snow, mud, rocks, loose gravel or any rugged, slick terrain in any season. Icespike transitions with ease and can even be worn on dry pavement.

    Where did the idea come from?
    We are a family of year-round outdoor enthusiasts who have been frustrated by injuries on treacherous conditions and the difficulties associated with various products. Some are too heavy and uncomfortable for runners, needing frequent adjustments; others slip out of place and break; most are best used only for certain conditions such as snow or ice but not both; all have to be removed and reinstalled depending on the terrain and cannot be worn on dry pavement.

    With Icespike it is also possible to drive your car or work vehicle without interference. Icespike is the only traction device that cannot be forgotten or left at home

    While your name may lend people to think you’re for wearing on ice, you’re also good for trails, right? 
    Icespike is a favorite of many of the U.S. Mountain Team members and great trail runners Like Michele Yates, Nancy Hobbs, Dane Rauchenberg, Paul Stofko, Chantal Warriner, Candice Burt and many others who use Icespike not only for winter training but on the trails all year long.

    Many use Icespike on their normal running shoes, thus not using clumsy thick soled trail shoes that are nothing but mud collectors and weigh 100 pound by the end of your run. When the terrain is uneven Icespike is the equalizer.


    Please note: This week’s tweet-to-win entry has ended.


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