• Topo Athletic joins #RunChat

    Topo Athletic #RunChat

    This week’s #RunChat details:
    Date: Sunday, Jan. 10
    Time: 8 p.m. ET (CLICK HERE for your time zone)
    Sponsor: Topo Athletic
    with special guest Dr. Nick Campitelli

    This week’s #RunChat will welcome a new sponsor — Topo Athletic, a shoe company that was “created for and by athletes with a mission to develop athletic gear that allows the body to move and work more naturally.”

    This week, Topo’s Director of Marketing Georgia Shaw answered a few questions about their company so you can get to know them better.

    Twitter style, 140 characters or less, what is TOPO Athletic?
    A performance footwear brand created for and by athletes, committed to developing shoes that allow the body to move more naturally.

    In your own words, what is TOPO Athletic?
    Shoes designed to follow the natural shape and biomechanics of the foot, allowing the body to move naturally and perform efficiently.

    Why should a runner make the switch to TOPO?
    Switch if you’re seeking a more natural running experience via shoes that are lightweight with a roomy toebox and low drop (neutral).

    What does the phrase “perfect shoe” mean to you?
    To me, the “perfect shoe” is the one you forget you’re wearing.

    * * *

    This week, we’ll have two pairs of Topo’s shoes up for grabs. The retweet/like giveaway has ended.

    * * *

    This week’s #RunChat also welcomes Dr. Nick Campitelli as we’ll have a “chat within a chat” during Sunday’s #RunChat. Dr. Campitelli is a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon. He focuses his practice on treating runners by working on their form and helping them find the right shoe.

    You can read more about Dr. Campitelli on his blog.

    The time to submit a question has closed — Dr. Campitelli will be at the chat to answer several of the submitted questions and may field additional questions. Join at 8 p.m. ET Sunday on Twitter!


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