• 2014 Running Blogs Month: Seeking Boston Marathon

    Meet Ty of Seeking Boston Marathon as #RunChat Running Blogs Month presented by the Key West Half Marathon rolls along.


    What year did you start running, and what do you remember from your first few runs?
    I starting running in my adulthood in 2000. I started running distance (marathons) in 2007. I was surprised to find out when I first started running that they had organized races for adults. I won an age group award in my first ever 5K, but left right after the race not knowing any better. When I ran my first marathon in 2007, I knew right away I wanted to run Boston, and became obsessed with it, which became the genesis of my blog.

    What makes a run truly a great run?
    It’s like the bumper sticker that says a bad day of fishing is better than any day at work. Same goes for running as it’s tough not to find something good with every run or race.

    What’s the best part about your running community?
    I have made great friends through #RunChat and my virtual running world just as I have in the real world. My social media friends know me well and support me through good times and bad. My local running group provides the same type of camaraderie, but also pushes me to get better in my sport as I run with some really fast peeps!

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  • Ty says:Reply
    August 25, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks so much #runchat team! I’m currently rehab’ing from four broken ribs and a collapsed lung in my last triathlon in July. I was feeling down due to the slow recovery and this totally brightened up my day and my week. You’re the best!